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​​A World of Voices

White Pine Press is a non-profit literary publisher, established in 1973, which publishes poetry, fiction, essays, and literature in translation from around the world. For almost fifty years we have been at the forefront in bringing the rich diversity of world literature to the English speaking audience. We seek to enrich our literary heritage; to promote the cultural awareness, understanding, and respect so vital in our rapidly changing world; and to address complex social and human rights issues through literature. 

"In a publishing world dominated by celebrity books and glitzy bestsellers, White Pine Press titles are refreshing anomalies. White Pine Press has published Nobel Prize laureates William Golding, Pablo Neruda, Juan Ramon Jimenez, and Gabriela Mistral. Its distinguished roster also includes Robert Bly, Maurice Kenny, William Matthews, and James Wright, all winners of the American Book Award, the National Book Award, or the Pulitzer Prize. White Pine's commitment to international literature is reflected in its publication of acclaimed writers including John Montgague of Ireland, Tomaz Transtromer of Sweden, Antonio Machado of Spain, Alfonsina Storni of Argentina, and Rolf Jacobsen of Norway. White Pine also consistently champions both established and emerging American writers." 


-Herb Hadad - Poets and Writers Magazine


From the classic writers of Asia to contemporary voices from around the world, White Pine Press is your passport to a World of Voices. We publish literature which explores the world of ideas and cultures. The cultures that make up the American mosaic and celebrate the diversity of the world. You can travel to these places without leaving home, no driving, and no crowded airports with security checks. You can support us by purchasing our books at your local bookstore or from us; joining our email list, our Facebook group or by becoming a friend of the press.


 -Dennis Maloney, Editor/Publisher


Dennis Maloney - Editor/Publisher 

Elaine LaMattina - Managing Director 

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