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The Book Of Mirrors - Yun Wang  
$17.00, ISBN 978-1-945680-47-2  

The Book of Mirrors by Yun Wang takes the reader on a journey of enlightenment through unexpected discoveries and heartbreaks. This adventure spans different realms: the ancient and the present, the physical and the metaphysical, poetry and science. It is an insistent search for truth, goodness, and beauty, within the scope of the infinite universe. 

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"Her poems are not only beautiful, but astounding in their richness of information, news, glimpses, and inklings from more dimensions of world and mind than I can account for. Each poem is a potent nexus of imagination, memory, and piercing analysis. Yun Wang is a seer."


—Li-Young Lee


“In Yun Wang’s The Book of Mirrors, “a silver portal opens to the hidden garden” of a fragrant universe. Myths, tales, and lyrical excavations reveal passageways that traverse inner and outer spaces humming with desire. Her collection is a generous invitation: each poem is a threshold to a world within a world.”


—Jennifer Kwon Dobbs - judge 

Yun Wang is the author of poetry books The Book of Totality (Salmon Poetry Press, 2015) and The Book of Jade (Winner of the 15th Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize, Story Line Press, 2002), and the book of poetry translations Dreaming of Fallen Blossoms: Tune Poems of Su Dong-Po (White Pine Press, 2019). Wang’s poems have been published in numerous literary journals, including The Kenyon Review, Prairie Schooner, Cimarron Review, Salamander Magazine, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Green Mountains Review, and International Quarterly. Her translations of classical Chinese poetry have been published in The Kenyon Review Online, Salamander Magazine, Poetry Canada Review, Willow Springs, Kyoto Journal, Bat City Review, Xavier Review, Connotation Press, and elsewhere. Wang was born in China and came to the U.S. for graduate school in 1985. She is an astrophysicist at California Institute of Technology, currently focusing on developing space missions to explore the Universe.

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