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978-1-945680-44-1  _finding token creek.

Finding Token Creek

Robert Alexander



Carmen Boullosa

978-1-945680-50-2 _ Faces Hidden in  the Dust.jpeg

Faces Hidden in the Dust

Tony Barnstone &

Bilal Shaw


Bruno Folner's Last Tango

Mempo Giardinelli



Sonia Greenfield

978-1-945680-49-6 _ good for  seed.jpeg

They'll be Good for Seed

Gabor G. Gyukics

978-1-945680-48-9 _ Uncommon  Speech.jpeg

The Uncommon Speech

of Paradise

Robert Hedin

& James Lenfestey

978-1-945680-43-4_the beginning of water


Christopher Merrill 

978-1-945680-47-2  _ book of  mirrors.jpeg

The Book of Mirrors

Yun Wang


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Richard Tillinghast is the winner of the 27th Annual White Pine Press Poetry Prize for his manuscript Blue If Only I Could Tell You. Contest judge Joe Wilkins say of the collection:

"Blue If Only I Could Tell You is a book of journeys and arrivals, of the many far and consequential places we might find ourselves: Punjab, Tipperay, the sandy banks of the Platte River in Nebraska. Exquisitely plainspoken, clear-eyed, and wise, Tillinghast is keenly aware of the histories and stories that shape our worlds; these poems roam and wonder and find homes for us everywhere."