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The Abduction

Maram Al-Masri



Niillas Holmberg

Blue If Only I Could Tell You_978-1-945680-57-1.tif

Blue If Only I Could Tell You

Richard Tillinghast

A Robin's Egg Renaissance_ 978-1-945680-67-0  copy.jpeg
Pearl Diver _ 978-1-945680-60-1 .jpg
A Luminous Uplift_ 978-1-945680-66-3  co

Memory Rewritten

Mariella Nigro

Tree Becomes a Room_ 978-1-945680-65-6  copy.jpeg
Building the Barricade_ 978-1-945680-68-

Building the Barricade

Anna Świrszczyńska

Returning Home_  978-1-945680-69-4  copy.jpeg

Returning Home

Tao Yuan-ming

Translated by Dan Veach

What's Happening

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White Pine Press is pleased to announce that J.P. White has been awarded the Twenty-Eighth Annual White Pine Press Poetry Prize for his manuscript, A Tree Becomes A Room.

The Judge, Danusha Lemeris, say of A Tree Becomes A Room “These are poems that move through the world, by land and water, taking us along in their wake. We’re right there picking loquats on the Italian coast, eating rabbit in Lourmarin, then somehow crossing “the salt distance” off Maui to look into the eyes of an old sea turtle. All the while, plumbing the waters of the psyche for what can be saved in a world that is both exquisite and unraveling. These poems make us believe that, just maybe, 'Paradise is already here/ on the other side of elegy.'"

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